lunes, 3 de febrero de 2014


Traducción a Inglés:
Esteban Charpentier (poeta Argentino)

you can take your body anywhere you want,
Anchor it out of my life, leave away,
your hands may be warm and small,
leave away as winter of the new leaves,
it is nothing of your naked skin that I love,
although is perfect the scent of your body,
the scar of your navel,
black/dark rings of your sleeplessness,
your hair fired grass in the awakening,
this love that I confess, is not perfect
and I don´t deny it, you are in me,
how to avoid your love, if you are in me,
with your words of wisdom and your new grudges,
You are in me, all your presence is universe

you can take your body anywhere,
make your life how you want, with who you want,
but take into account, my love,
if you decide to leave me, I won´t die,
nor will I wander in the streets drunk,
I will not lose my way, or my life,
Live, and live like others, I will be happy
and your happiness may wound me,
because it is not easy to let you go
to love others, kissing others, stay in others,
but you came as a dewdrop in freedom

and you are free to leave whenever you want

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