lunes, 3 de febrero de 2014


Traducción a Inglés:
Esteban Charpentier (poeta Argentino)

you always come back as the hailstones
That hit the branches, the ceilings,
broken lamps and trumpets
burst against the streets,
become thousands,
freezing rain;
all the lovers hide,
but your singing is overwhelming,
a clatter of percussion
on parked cars;
yours is a noisy love,
the perpetual beginning, the eternal life,
a lullaby of crystals under the sheets
that is given to everyone and anyone,
you are always with thousand of keys behind the door,
waiting to get smoke out of a hand,
the dead lighting of your eyes after the kiss,
waiting for someone to say the right word,
waiting forever while you can,
when rain falls as ever,
in huge and illuminated hailstones
that melt when touching the ground,
your love, as an unbearable noise,
comes and goes until they leave,
destroys everything because it renews,
knows that from the broken branches
sprout green leaves,
other nests, fresh fruit,
and there are countless the times
you came into my life in hailstones
and countless the times that touching you
you slough off immediately within my hands;
I'm not sad, you are, you always are,
as evaporated water

returning with each rain

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