lunes, 3 de febrero de 2014


Traducción a Inglés:
Esteban Charpentier (poeta Argentino)

in life I was with the wrong women
at the right time,
all came without looking for them
as a flashing traffic light
who resigned late at night
to observe one or two passers-
with the moon over a carbon paper
and those clouds equally dark,
is more likely to have arrive
like fireflies or mosquitoes
attracted to mercury
and in the midst of that imagined light
got used to stay,
to burn their wings, to blind them

I understand when they hate me
taxis amid in the Old Metropolis,
expecting a light on the carbon paper,
more than the Atlantic Station,
their seats alone, with men alone,
that young enrolling for the first time
on the corner of La Puerta del Sol

I have no regrets, but I should,
so them to meet me,
sitting where you see me
without saying anything,
staring nowhere,

I hope the opposite will happen to us

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